AOC 16″ HD Pro USB Monitor

AOC 16 HD Pro USB MonitorPortable devices can help people become more productive even when they are on the move. That is why laptops and notebooks are the preferred device for highly mobile people. They can choose to do work wherever they may be. But some portable devices also come with certain limits. Laptops and notebooks can have limited screen sizes that leave some users wanting for more. To address this, there are also other portable devices like the AOC 16″ HD Pro USB Monitor to complement the need for larger views.

The AOC 16″ HD Pro USB Monitor addresses the need of a bigger display for people with smaller laptops and notebooks. It comes with a 16-inch screen that offers Full HD resolution. It also sports 300cd/m2 brightness, making it the brightest supplemental monitor in its class. what makes it convenient to use it that it used a solitary USB cable for both power and video signals from your laptop. There is no need for users to bring a separate power cord or even VGA cables to make this USB monitor work.

The AOC 16″ HD Pro USB Monitor is designed to be lightweight and mobile. It is ideal for use in business presentations or adding a second monitor for enhanced productivity at work. The AOC 16″ HD Pro USB Monitor is now available at Amazon for $199.

Image Source: Amazon

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