Electromagnetic Wave-Blocking Suit

Electromagnetic suits, anyone?

France-based fashion brand Smuggler has announced Thursday about a suit that comes with an ability to block electromagnetic waves produced by mobile phones. Call it an effort to incorporate technology with style.

“This is the first use of technological materials in every day men’s clothing that doesn’t cause discomfort,” said Benjamin Anin from Smuggler’s research and development department. “Until now this type of very specific material was more rudimentary and only used by certain professionals who were particularly exposed.”

The Power to Block Electromagnetic Waves

The material used in the jacket’s pockets, where mobile phones are usually kept, is developed after three years of collaboration with the XLIM Institute. Located in Limoges, in Southwestern France, this corporation conducts research on electromagnetism. The suit’s ability is achieved through inter-weaving fabric with non-allergic nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, and pyrite (or fool’s gold).

Anin assures that the pocket’s lining material can block up to 90 percent of radio-frequency waves. This comes timely as mobile carriers have been upgrading their services to 4G.

The first batch of these electromagnetic wave-blocking suits will appear on the label’s spring-summer 2013 collection.

Source: Interaksyon

Image source: Reuters

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