Anova automatic sous vide circulator

Anova automatic sous vide system

Anova automatic sous vide system

If you are like me who has watched episodes of Top Chef, you know sous vide is one of the most complex cooking methods, but often yields the most delicious meat and vegetable dishes. Now you can replicate this rarely done cooking method right in your kitchen with the Anova automatic sous vide circulator.

Sous vide consists of poaching meats and/ or vegetables in a vacuum-sealed bag, then slowly simmered at low temperatures in circulated water. Anova is plugged to a power outlet, then attaches to a large pot of water, and lets the bagged meat cook completely in about an hour without losing its juices or burning it. Users can set the temperature (ranging from 25°C to 99°C) and time (up to 72 hours), then leave the pot do its sous vide magic until done.

Anova automatic sous vide system

The Anova sports a 12-liter-per-minute pump that circulates the water as it cooks. It is recommended to pre-heat the system before putting in the vacuum-sealed dish to the pot.

Amateur cooks can then season and sear the surface of the meat after it is cooked, resulting to arguably the best-tasting meat dish ever.

The Anova automatic sous vide circulator only costs $199, a fraction of existing water ovens available in the market. Do note that you still need to invest in a vacuum sealer and a big pot.

Source: TechCrunch

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