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PC MouseTechnology has given people a better and more efficient way to do certain tasks in the form of different devices. But it has also brought its own share of hassles as well. Take for example the use of the common computer mouse. Repetitive use has led to serious muscle strain. It made carpal tunnel syndrome a very common condition for a lot of regular computer users. And because of this, more ergonomic designs were introduced. One of the more interesting ones is the new Anker Ergonomic Mouse.

The Anker Ergonomic Mouse will surely be something you’ve not seen before, if you are aware what a typical computer mouse looks like. But once you try it for yourself, you will realize that it really makes sense. That is because, the Anker Ergonomic Mouse is designed to be easy on your hands and wrist. The buttons are placed so that you can use them without making your wrist and fingers sore after using it. Your hands end up in the neutral position, where the muscles are at their most relaxed. Combine that with 800-1600 DPI tracking, making it sensitive enough for making the mouse react to wherever you want the cursor to move on the PC screen.

The makers of the Anker Ergonomic Mouse hopes that users will be able to appreciate how it helps ease the usual muscle strain people experience when using a typical computer mouse for long periods of time. It is also wireless by the way, with a 2.5G receiver found at the bottom of the mouse. While the shape may be something that users may need to get used to at first, they will soon be able to appreciate just how it the mouse would feel after prolonged use and how their hands would feel more relaxed and experience less strain. Not only that, the Anker Ergonomic Mouse is inexpensive enough at just $20 to try out something new. It is available at Amazon if you wish to try it out.

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