Angelcare AC401–2P Movement and Sound Monitor

Taking care of the baby always requires constant attention. But most parents know that this may be next to impossible since there are still other things that they still have to do even at home. For mothers at home who wish to take constant watch on their babies can do so while doing other important tasks with the Angelcare AC401 – 2P Movement and Sound Monitor.

The Angelcare AC401 – 2P Movement and Sound Baby Monitor can help parents keep a watch over their sleeping baby even while they are out of the room. This device features a sound as well as a movement monitor that can detect whether a baby is sleeping or awake. It includes an under the mattress Sensor Pad to detect baby movements. The pad may also alarm 20 seconds after it does not detect any movement. The monitor also includes a room temperature display on the parent’s unit. This handy and useful Angelcare AC401 – 2P Sound and Movement Baby Monitor is available at Amazon for US$126.

Image Source: Angelcare

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