Andru: Android robot smartphone charger



Don’t you just hate how your smartphone runs out of battery life before the day ends? You carry your charger with you, but it can get boring staring at your gadget being charged.

Andru smartphone charger gives relief to Android device users. Bearing the same appearance as the green Android robot, simply plug the USB device into the robot’s head and plug his feet into a wall outlet or power strip. Its eyes light up blue while charging, turning into white once the device is fully-charged.


You can interact with the droid as it charges. Move its arms and toussle its antennae to keep you entertained. The Andru works with both 110v and 220v inputs.

The Andru Android robot smartphone charger is available online for $25 on its official web store, although yoou can find better discounts in third-party shops. You can choose from green, black, and pink.

Source: ThinkGeek

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