Android KitKat unveiled: Focus on budget phone efficiency

Android KitKat

Android KitKat

Google introduces its latest mobile platform, named after a popular dessert of course! Android KitKat (technically Android 4.4) offers a “smarter, more immersive” experience to more users.

The tech company assures that Android KitKat would use less memory, starting with Google’s own apps. Meanwhile, the user interface automatically scales back for smartphones with only 512MB of RAM. This is welcoming to entry-level phones that still uses Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. While Google cannot promise that to all current Android phones, the magic of KitKat will be truly felt on Android devices to be released in 2014.

One of the highlights of this new mobile OS is the new “immersive mode” that hides everything you are not using at the moment, such as the phone’s navigation interface while using KitKat-compliant apps. This gives more screen coverage, even being able to tap on hotspots located right at the very edges.

Android KitKat

The Android KitKat has also given the vintage Phone app a make-over, enablings uers to search their contacts, nearby places, and even Google Apps accounts directly from the app. Also, the Hangouts app compiles all your SMS and MMS messages in one place along with your other conversations and video calls.

Google Now becomes more accessible as well. A single swipe from the home screen brings out Google’s personal assistant, which activates upon saying “OK, Google” to launch voice search, send text messages, get directions, and even play songs.

Get to know more about Android KitKat through its official webpage.

Source: Google Official Blog

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