Android-Based EVO 2 Game Console Now Available

There used to be this EVO game console, which supposedly runs on Linux and was shipped to buyers until it was sold out, or so its manufacturer claimed. Now that company, Envizions, is attempting to make its game console relevant with the introduction of the Android-based EVO 2.

The console features an unspecified 1.2GHz Samsung processor, a “modified” Android 2.2 OS, a game controller, and even a TV remote. Envisions even claims that it is planning to add a motion sensor a la Wii/ Kinect by the end of the year, as well as a points system that would let users buy Android games using “EVO tokens.”

The EVO 2 is expected to cost US$249; whether or not it will ship is still in question. If you are willing to take a chance, you can reserve one for $15 at its online store. Nevertheless, “free” developer units are now available, apart from the annual $149 software support fee.

Source: Engadget

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