Android 2.2 Announced, So What's New?

Google has formally announced the unveiling of Android 2.2, which they affectionately called “Froyo,” during their I/O conference a little while ago. What are the developments on this new version of Android, you ask? Here are some of them:

Speed boost in apps – The Froyo now features “just-in-time compilation,” making applications faster by two to five times.

New Enterprise features – Twenty new additions to Enterprise aim at making your Android better, including an updated Exchange support and remote wipe.

Cloud-to-device messaging API – All messages as well as Android app launch commands can be sent from the cloud straight to Android devices. For instance, clicking the “send to device” link from a web browser displays the same webpage on your Android phone.

Tethering/ WiFi hotspot – With Android 2.2, your handset can be instantly turned into a WiFi hotspot.

Faster Javascript performance – Google claims that Android now possesses the world’s fastest mobile browser as they leverage the same Javascript engine they use in Chrome.

Adobe Flash 10.1 support – One thing that Apple can never duplicate.

Device backup functionality – You can even back up all your data from third-party apps.

Quick Search enhancements – You can now search for apps on the homescreen search box widget. Developers can also extend their apps into quick search box, allowing you to search for data within their apps.

App storage in SD card – Android apps can now automatically install apps to the memory card when space runs low. Users can even manually move apps to it.

App updating – The Android Market now features an “Update All” button, making all installed apps updated at a click of a button.

Source: MobileCrunch

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