Andev SensorPlug Motion Sensing Outlet

Sometimes it can be hard trying to locate the light switch when you come home into a dark room. You may just wish of having the lights automatically switch on the moment you get inside your home. For those who are looking for such, there’s the Andev SensorPlug that may offer an instant solution.

The Andev SensorPlug is a passive infrared motion sensor device. It is a special outlet that can be triggered by motion to turn on lights or even certain appliances that is plugged into it such as a fan or a radio. It can easily be inserted into a wall outlet that may be nearest the door in your home. Once you enter, the device will sense your movement and can be automatically triggered to turn on. What makes it convenient is that there’s no need to install wires just to include such a feature into your home. You can check out the Andev SensorPlug at their website. It will only cost you US$20 to have one at home.

Image Source: Andev

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