anaPad Wooden Tablet for Kids

Kids nowadays learn little from their parents, especially the kind who are so busy twiddling with their iPads, BlackBerrys, and other smart devices. They have become so engrossed with these gadgets that they have forgotten to teach their kids the finer things in life like kindness, creativity, affection, and appreciation of others. So what a techie parent to do? One company suggests giving the toddlers 3 and up their own “fake” tablet.

The anaPad is a magnetic white board framed inside a wooden frame with the exact dimensions of an iPad. It comes with “companion app magnets” and markers, making the anaPad a great device for drawing, games, and learning.

Why a fake tablet, you ask? Perhaps because kids pick up their habits from their parents. Seeing how the adults continue to play and work with their tabs and smartphones, you cannot blame the children if they prefer to play Angry Birds than read a book. But as a “good” parent, you know you aren’t supposed to let kids play with tablets. Then again, who are we to define good parenting?

Anyway, the anaPad is being sold on Etsy for $30. Due to high number of orders, customers are asked to wait for a week before it is shipped.

Source: CrunchGear

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