Analysts Foresee an Explosion of Apps for 2010

Explosion of Apps

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has recently published its list of tech-related predictions for the coming year.  What struck the most is their statement that year 2010 will be the year of the app.  Although it may appear to be common nowadays, the analysts over at IDC say that it is just the beginning.

The coming year, according to the IDC report, "will be a watershed year in the ascension of mobile devices as strategic platforms for commercial and enterprise developers as over 1 billion access the Internet, iPhone apps triple, Android apps quintuple, and Apple’s iPad arrives."

Imagine, iPhone users would have to choose from among 300,000 apps in 2010.  With about 10,000 new app submissions arrive at Apple for approval every week, the company would have to approve around 700 apps every work day.  Android, meanwhile, currently has about 20,000 total apps.  To reach those numbers as reported, Android Market Google would have to add about 300 news apps every work day.

Would the year 2010 also become a year of app overkill?  Looks like it.

Image source:  Cristiano Betta

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