Anakonda KAN200 Flexible Speaker Module

Anakonda KAN200When you talk of audio speakers, you usually picture a box-shaped gadget that houses the set of speakers inside. Big or small, this is the standard design for most speakers today. Due to its size and shape, these speakers need sufficient space for set up. But what if you need a speaker system that works on very tight spaces that a typical speaker box cannot fit in? This is where the Anakonda KAN200 Flexible Speaker Module may be of use.

The Anakonda KAN200 Flexible Speaker Module features an innovative design unlike any other speaker in the market today. Instead of the usual box speaker, the Anakonda looks more like a special audio cable than speaker. But this is where its design has its advantages. It is flexible enough to be coiled on pipes or placed on tight spaces where speaker boxes will not fit. You can easily set it up just like you would with any audio cable.

The whole 2-meter length of the Anakonda KAN200 module houses the speakers. It is possible to connect up to 32 speaker modules as a single sound system with a total length of 64 meters. This setup allows for a continuous sound line that is perfect for certain applications such as a PA system. Sound is evenly distributed along the length of the set up, providing a more efficient audio solution. The Anakonda comes with integrated male and female speakon NL4 connectors that hides all the connections within the speaker body, creating a seamless line of speakers.

The Anakonda KAN200 also comes with two fabric socks of black and white, not only to protect the speakers from dust and other foreign objects, but also to change the color of the speaker system to suit a particular application. The Anakonda KAN200 Flexible Speaker Module is designed and developed by K-array and is available for US$900 per 2-meter speaker module.

Image Source: K-array

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