An OLED Display So Flexible, It Wraps Around a Pencil

OLED displays have been praised as the next big thing in TV after back-lit LCDs, plasmas, and ED displays. Not only they can produce high-quality image, they are self-luminous, lightweight and flexible. In fact, OLED displays can be so flexible, it can actually wrap around a pencil even while displaying images.

Such feats in technology was recently introduced by Sony with its 4.1-inch flexible OLED prototype during an event in Japan. The display is just 80 micrometers thick with 432 x 240 resolution, a contrast ratio of just 1,000:1, and produces 100 cd/m2 brightness.

We now wonder when will be the next time we will see this from Sony. Installed in a television or a roll-up laptop, perhaps?

Source: CrunchGear

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