An iPhone Charger That Looks Like an iPhone Battery Icon

Even chargers have to look cool nowadays, you know. CrunchGear has spotted this iconic battery charger for the iPhone, aptly named “the icon.” It looks like the phone’s battery icon and flashes its bars as it charges, much like its little version.

It works as a lithium-ion polymer battery pack. Simply attach it into the iPhone (3G and 3GS only) whenever you are running out of power and you’re done. The Icon can extend the talk time by up to 3 hours and audio play back up to 18 hours.

And just because it looks like a battery does not mean it is round. In fact, it measures 16mm in thickness.

It is just too bad that The Icon is primarily available in Taiwan, with a few outlets in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. Apple fanboys who live overseas may have to contact the manufacturer directly through e-mail and make sure you have a PayPal account with you. Price is not available on its official website.

Source: CrunchGear

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