An iPhone App that Controls Hot Tubs

Canada-based Arctic Spas wondered how they could make their hot tubs adapted into the new tech-crazy decade. Their solution: An iPhone app.

The Arctic Spas iPhone app enables its customers to control the temperature and water jet pressure of selected hot tubs, particularly those equipped with a WiFi module. It can even detect the hot tub’s current temperature even if the user is hundreds of miles away.

The app is especially good for reporting errors and malfunctions such as loss of power. Users are notified with a pop-up in case their hot tub has a problem, prompting them to call customer service or the nearest Arctic Spas dealership.

This feature, however, is not available on iTunes or any app store, but on Arctic Spa stores as an add-on option. It retails for about US$300 and can be added into your iPhone even after customers have bought their hot tub.

Source: Engadget Alt

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