AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger

Ampy MoveGetting fit through exercise requires some motivation and dedication. The rewards can make it worthwhile for those who try to do it day in and day out. Having something that you can look forward to when you do your exercises certainly helps keep it interesting. Just the motivation to keep moving is good enough. This AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger may just help you do that.

The AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger may not motivate you to maintain any exercise routine. But it can certainly motivate you to keep moving. If keeping your devices recharged is just as important for you as keeping fit, then this device will certainly be useful. It is an external battery that you can charge using your motion. It houses a 1800mAh battery with two charging ports. A unique feature for this device is that you do not need to plug it to a power outlet to recharge its batteries. You can also charge it up simply through movement. When you wear it while you do your daily tasks and activities, it generates power to recharge the built-in battery. The device comes with status and activity buttons. The Status button lets you know the power level of the AMPY MOVE. The Activity button lets you know how much power your movements can generate.

The AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger is ideal for people who are always on the go. It also helps you make efficient use of those otherwise wasted energy that goes with your daily activities. The AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger is available at AMPY for $99. The AMPY MOVE Accessory kit to keep the device in place when you wear it goes for another $30.

Image Source: AMPY

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