AMPY, The Backup Battery Powered By Your Movement

AMPYMost people nowadays are power hungry, but not in the sense that you might think. They hunger for power for their hoard of portable devices they always bring along wherever they go. Smartphones, tablets, portable music players and other devices now become part of the arsenal of the modern-day man. These devices usually need power that may not last most of the day, especially if one forgets to recharge them the previous night. Power banks have become more popular just because of the need for additional power for these devices. But sometimes, people may even forget recharging the power bank. A new Kickstarter campaign may provide an alternative solution by introducing the AMPY, the backup battery that can be powered by a user’s movement.

The AMPY is more than just a battery pack. It is a device that converts kinetic energy into electricity. In other words, it is a wearable device that captures a wearer’s movements and uses that energy to recharge the built-in battery. The stored power can then be used to power up other portable devices via USB. It is a simple and yet very useful device that many gadget-savvy people may need.

With the AMPY, users need not worry about power because they forgot to recharge their device or their power bank. With the AMPY, every time the user moves, he can generate power to recharge his devices. It is small enough to comfortably wear or just place inside your pockets. It can store power generated from a week’s worth of physical activity. In a way, you put some of this energy back into good use, as power for your devices. The AMPY is currently on a Kickstarter campaign for funds. So far it has exceeded its target with still a month to go. If you are interested, you can become one if its early adopters by giving $85 into the campaign. That is good enough for one AMPY to try out. Pre-sale price of the device is expected to be $95. First batch of the device is expected to be available around June of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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