AmpStrip Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

AmpStripFitness today is not as simple as it was before. With the introduction of apps and a deluge of fitness devices, people are now aware that fitness comes with a study of performance data collected to determine whether you are doing things the right way in terms of efficiency. Now, fitness involves measuring your heart rate, distance, weight and even your sleep quality. But all these require people to wear fitness devices that some people may find bulky.

The AmpStrip will try to change that with its new flexible, waterproof and wearable heart rate monitor that users can use any day and every day. That is because it can be comfortably worn by easily sticking into your torso just like a Band-Aid. It can then accurately track your heart rate as well as other data including your activity level, exercise load, skin temperature and even posture. But basically, the AmpStrip provides various data of your cardiovascular condition such as your resting heart rate and your heart rate recovery. The AmpStrip communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide you with real time data as you exercise or train. It can even store the data in its internal memory when you do not have your phone with you. It will just send the data automatically to the device when it is redetected.

The AmpStrip sticks to your torso comfortably, avoiding the hassle of taking fitness devices on or off after you train. You can even have the AmpStrip in place for days as you train without even noticing you have it on. The strong and long lasting adhesive is even replaceable using inexpensive means when needed. The AmpStrip also conveniently charges wirelessly. Just lay it on its charging mat and it will be ready for use after just a short rest. The AmpStrip is ideal for people who are serious about their fitness as well as athletes who like to pursue optimum performance levels during training.

It is recently conducting a successful Indiegogo campaign for funding its production. You can still get one at Indiegogo for $119, which already includes the AmpStrip, the wireless charging mat, and 3 to 6 month supply of adhesive. That is cheaper than the estimated retail price of $150 when the device comes out after the June delivery of the first AmpStrips. Image

Source: Indiegogo

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