Amplifiear Passive iPad Sound Amplifier

Sometimes, a device need not be created out of the most latest in electronic gadgetry in order to capture a consumer’s attention. There are instances where a simple gizmo can make a lot of sense and make people see its worth, all by just providing a simple yet important function. Such is the case with this Amplifiear Passive iPad Sound Amplifier.

The unique Amplifiear is a simple device that allows iPad users to increase the level of audio that they can hear from the built-in tablet speaker. When attached into the iPad, the Amplifiear makes use of passive amplification by simply directing the sound output into the direction of the user. This helps increase the audio volume of the iPad by up to 10dB, all with this simple ear-like attachment.

The Amplifiear can easily be attached to the iPad to do its magic. It can even fit into iPads using Apple Smart Cases. Each Amplifiear also comes with EV foam pads of different sizes in order to accommodate its use for iPad models of different models and thickness. The ideal foam pad fits into a square inside the Amplifiear to provide a snug fit to your tablet and even help protect the iPad’s back from scratches. The Amplifiear is available in different color shades to match different iPad cases for US$25.

Image Source: Amplifiear

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