Amidio Touch DJ For iPhones

Amidio Touch DJ

Music mixing enthusiasts now have something to be excited about for their iPhones. Amidio’s Touch DJ is now available as an iPhone app, currently the first and only real MP3 DJ mixing tool available for the highly popular Apple smart phone. This app can transform your iPhone into a DJ’ing device that you can carry around in your pocket.

You no longer have to bring along bulky DJ’ing equipment with you if you already have the Touch DJ on your iPhone. Its features already allow you to transform your MP3 and M4A files into your own remixes by either manipulate different audio files or make use of different mixing effects such as looping, scratching, pitching and others to create distinct remixes based on your own moods.

Remixing on your iPhone using the Touch DJ requires some finger tapping and sliding on your iPhone screen but it enhances the remixing experience along the way. File and tracks selection are so far limited to the app’s own MP3 library currently containing a 25 dance music selection since the app does not yet offer access to Apple iTunes for tracks. But it is something that won’t matter for the aspiring DJ to start remixing and jamming with their iPhone. The Touch DJ is now available on Apple iTunes for download.

Image Source: Amidio


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