America's Next Top Model Cycle 1

America's Next Top Model Cycle 1

Tyra Banks proves that modeling is not an easy career path to take as she tries to deconstruct the idea that models are nothing but pretty faces without brains.

With a show patterned to various reality shows wherein the best remains (and the others eliminated), ten beautiful ladies compete for the title of America’s Next Top Model, as they best each other out in interesting photo shoots, runway walks and more excruciating challenges.

Tyra Banks does prove us that modeling is quite unexpectedly difficult to handle, with pressure brought by the challenges and the relationships among the girls.

This First cycle of America’s Next Top Model contains nine episodes that are on three discs in slim cases, and a cardboard case. If you don’t want to the name of the winner to be spoiled, don’t look at the art on the inside slim cases.

The episode breakdown are as follows:

  • The Girl Who Wants It So Bad
  • The Girl Is Here To Win, Not Make Friends
  • The Girl Who Gets Rushed To the Emergency Room
  • The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy
  • The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is Killing Herself
  • The Girl Who Deals With a Pervert
  • The Girls Who Get Really Naked
  • How the Girls Got Here
  • The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

With regards to video, the quality is impressive as the picture doesn;t suffer from video noise and shimmering. The audio however needs some more work.

Aside from the usual eisodes, the DVD also contains extra clips: The Casting Vall, Reliving the First Season and The Two Jays.

Basically, ANTM is a reality show for people who are in to fashion and photography. Some who watches the show don’t just look at the models who are hungry for fame but also on the process of taking pictures and how such masterpieces are made.

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