Amco One Step Corn Kerneler

Those who love corn would yearn to have it easy eating them. Many are not fans of eating corn on the cob. They would rather have the kernels conveniently removed. For such people using this Amco One Step corn Kerneler might just come in handy.

The Amco One Step Corn Kerneler is a simple device that allows you to remove corn kernels from the cob in just one quick motion. Just place the narrow end of the corncob into the circular device and then press straight down up to the bottom. The corn kernels are neatly collected into the convenient holder, which can accommodate up to two ears’ worth of corn kernels. It comes with a stainless steel blade that adjusts well to the size of the corncob it cuts through. The device is also dishwasher safe as well, making it quite a convenient device to have around the kitchen. The Amco One Step corn Kerneler is available at Amazon for US$12.

Image Source: Amazon

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