Ambient's InTouch Text Messaging Service

Ambient Device

Ambient devices have certainly made getting online information such as weather, business and market news more accessible and readily available, at least for those people who may not have the time to do it themselves. All the work in getting such information online can now be provided in simple Post-It sized interface displays of the Ambient devices. It can be quite a convenient gadget to have at home or in the office.

The Ambient Information Network provides and transmits all the data displayed and regularly updated in all the Ambient devices. And just recently, Ambient is adding another valuable service that they call InTouch Text Messaging. Ambient device owners will soon be able to receive simple text messages and reminders from family members, friends and colleagues aside from the usual online information that they get daily. The text messages can be sent to Ambient devices through SMS, email or through a website. This will be made available in Ambient products that will be made available this year.

Image Source: Ambient

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