Ambientec Solar Fan Charger

Using renewable energy to power up devices seems to have become quite popular nowadays. There are now quite a lot of portable solar chargers now available. And it seems that design has become a big part of how some people may eventually be choosing their handy solar chargers.

If unique design is to be considered, the Ambientec Solar Fan may just be one of those that might have that unique appeal. This handy solar charger is made with a number of solar panels designed to open up like a fan when being used. They can likewise be folded conveniently when being stored to save up on space. This solar fan charger can either power up devices directly or store them on rechargeable batteries. This solar charger is also quite efficient in that a 10 minute exposure to sunlight can allow it to charge a mobile phone for 3 minutes talk time or 3 hours standby time. It is currently available only in Japan for 22,050 Japanese yen. That would be around US$245. This unique Solar Fan charger is available at Ambientec.

Image source: Ambientec

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