Ambient Baseball ScoreCast

ambient baseball scorecast

Hardcore Major League Baseball fans need not miss a pitch with the Ambient Baseball ScoreCast. A perfect companion for the savvy follower of the sport, it is for people whose location have limited access to game updates.

Setup is easy. Just put in for four AA batteries to automatically receive information from Ambient’s InfoCast Network which has a reach of over 90% of households. From there, you could review the latest scores, track every game from spring training to the Worlds Series, and even check the schedule.

The line score updates every half-inning, being able to view extra innings. Toggle the button to see other scores. You could customize team and league information.

ScoreCast maintains the season’s final standings until the next pre-season begins. It also provides accurate network-based timekeeping.

Display is the simple yet effective LCD. Some are not amenable to what they consider a cluttered screen but the gadget makes up for it with its ease and convenience of use.

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