Amber Smart Storage Platform

People nowadays have an increasing need for digital storage. With all the digital photos, videos and other content they accumulate over time, the need for storage space tend to grow as well. Even with having the largest capacity hard drive, access sometimes also becomes a challenge. But there is the new Amber Smart Storage Platform to help address the issues.

The Amber Smart Storage Platform is a personal cloud storage system designed for the home or even the office. It offers secure access with end-to-end encryption to ensure that data remains secure and safe. It also features a powerful Wi-Fi router built-in to easily back-up as well as stream your data.  And since it is your personal cloud storage, you can always access them wherever you are on any device you have.

The Amber Smart Storage Platform features Dual HDD’s that provides mirrored storage to reduce the risk of losing data. Advanced AI software can detect potential faults early and even alert you in case of abnormal device behavior.  The Amber Smart Storage Platform runs on its own Intel Dual Core CPU. It also has a 2GB DDR4 onboard memory. The basic unit comes with two 1TB HDD’s, more than enough storage to provide for your needs for a long time. Amber is now available at their website starting at $550.

Image Source: Amberlife

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