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Amazon’s popular e-book somehow suffers through a serious snag when an uncalled for deletion made users quite angry. Some users of Amazon’s Kindle e-book experienced the deletions of George Orwell’s "1984" and "Animal Farm" on their Kindle e-book readers. It is not the actual deletion that made the Kindle users angry. It was how Amazon did it.

For some reason and thinking that there were illegal downloads of the said e-book titles on Kindle, Amazon started deleting those copies by remote. This means that Amazon has the ability to delete downloaded e-books on Kindle if they found out that such downloads are deemed illegal in some ways. Amazon would say that they are within legal bounds to do that. As a matter of fact, they reimbursed the costs for the downloads. But to say that this would be something that Kindle users would not mind would be an understatement.

Amazon recently also went through a sort of a marketing and PR mess for the Kindle. Its entry into the relatively new e-book market has so far gone quite well. But everything is still on its early stages. And to show Kindle users that Amazon has this ability- to remotely delete e-book downloads on the Kindle readers- can be downright scary.  To say the least, it angered quite a lot of Kindle owners.

Such news would eventually send doubts on some of the potential buyers for the device. Because of the remote deletion even of the legal versions of the said e-books, people are thinking invasion of privacy to some extent. This may lead to them having second thoughts of ever buying a Kindle for themselves. Although Amazon has already acknowledged its mistake and has sent an apology to Kindle users. But the damage may have been done, although it may still not be known as to what level this will affect Kindle sales in the future. Mistakes like these can sometimes be very costly.

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