Amazon Trade-In Store Now Pawns Old Gadgets

Amazon has announced that it now includes electronics in its Trade-In program, which allows users to instantly appraise old items and trade them in exchange for Gift Cards. The Electronics Trade-In Store covers a vast range from tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices, and more.

Users simply choose from the 2,550 items the site currently recognizes and describe the condition the gadget is in (whether “Like New,” “Good,” and “Acceptable”) to determine how much Amazon credit it can give you alongside a prepaid shipping label. They can even trade-in multiple gadgets in one go and ship all of them for free. Once all products are received and inspected, the gift credit will be deposited on the customer’s account. The site can even give your gadget a higher appraisal amount if it determines the device has a higher trade-in condition than you selected.

Engadget tried a brown Zune media player to test’s latest feature and it was appraised at US$24.75, although it normally sells for at least $40 at auction, which is decent to say the least. And for obvious reasons, the Trade-In Store does not accept Nooks.

Source: Engadget

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