Amazon offers Moto X for one cent

Moto X for one cent

Moto X for one cent

Planning to buy a Moto X, but wants a really valid reason to choose it over the iPhones and the Samsung Galaxys? Amazon has an unbeatable offer for you.

The online retailer has reduced the price of the Moto X to just one penny with a two-year carrier contract. Yes, just one cent.

But here is the catch: the offer is only valid for the Verizon Wireless model and you must not have an existing Verizon account or you are adding a new line of service to your family plan. Current Verizon subscribers wishing to upgrade their gadget would have to shell out $49.99, the same price as the AT&T variant.

The Moto X for Verizon has an added bonus apart from the ridiculously low price. It is the first smartphone to get the Android 4.4 KitKat update, which includes improved support for mobile payments, better navigation, newly-added photo gallery effects, color emojis, and a “find my phone” capability.

Source: Mashable

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