Amazon MatchBook: Digital books at a discount

Amazon MatchBook

Amazon MatchBook

Amazon has officially launched its MatchBook program, which allow users of the Kindle tablet or app to download any digital copy of physical books purchased in Amazon at a discount.

The company claims the program is based from a growing customer suggestion to bundle print and digital content.

The Amazon MatchBook offers over 70,000 titles, which is significantly more than the 10,000 books the online retailer first announced back in September. The company also encourages authors and publishers to enroll in the program for an opportunity to earn more revenue for the writers (and Amazon, of course).

Kindle versions of previously-purchased physical books, even from way back in 1995 when Amazon first opened its online bookstore, cost between $0 to $2.99. Cost of digital copies increases on more recent titles. For instance, a $17 hardcover copy Johnny Carson biography of would offer a Kindle version worth $9.24.

You need to log in to your Amazon account to find which book titles are eligible for the Amazon MatchBook.

Source: Mashable

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