Amazon Introduces Three New Kindle Fire Tablets

Amazon Kindle FireAmazon seems to be getting serious about offering their own devices. Some people may think that its recent price cut for its Amazon Fire smartphone may indicate that the device has become a failure. But the company is still venturing on creating other devices that can further help promote their other businesses in many ways. Along with the recent price cut, Amazon is also introducing three new Amazon tablets in the market.

Amazon has recently announced the availability of three new Amazon tablets- 2 versions of the Kindle Fire HD tablet and the Kindle Fire HDX. Amazon will be offering a 6-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet and a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, which aim to compete with Apple’s iPad mini. The new Amazon Fire HDX, with a faster processor and higher resolution, aims to compete with the iPad Air.

The new tablets aim to provide additional choices for Amazon customers in terms of more affordable devices. These tablets will be running on the new Amazon Fire OS 4 platform. Their low prices aim to make them appealing for people who are looking for quality low-cost tablets. The 6-inch Kindle Fire will cost $99 while the 7-inch version will start at $139. The Kindle Fire HDX on the other hand will be priced at $379.

The tablets will also come with front and rear facing cameras, a quad core processor, and an unlimited access to Amazon Cloud for storing photos and videos. The tablets also aim to help increase the membership of Amazon Prime, its subscription-only entertainment and shipping membership arm. Amazon Prime offers members unlimited access to its music collection as well as free streaming of popular movies and TV shows. These tablets are currently available for pre-order and will be available by October.

Image Source: Amazon

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