Amazon Fire Phone Now Just 99 Cents

Amazon FireIt’s amazing how Apple can influence the smartphone market in different ways. It can sometimes cause competitors to shudder. Introducing even the smartphone with the best features cannot convince avid Apple aficionados to change gear or sides. In the end, some take drastic measures, just like with the recent news of the 99-cent Amazon Fire phone.

Amazon recently announced that it is offering the Amazon Fire phone for just 99 cents for a two-year contract on AT&T. This is a $200 price slash for its 32GB model. In addition, Amazon is also including a one-year access to Amazon Prime and unlimited cloud storage.

The drastic price cut for the Amazon Fire may be due to several reasons. One of them may be due to the low demand for the device. It seems that Amazon was not able to convince a lot of people to consider using their new Amazon Fire phone.

Another possible reason may be because of the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, especially since the price drop was announced a day before the Apple event. The low demand for the Amazon Fire coupled with the introduction of the new iPhone models may have led Amazon to take drastic measures to drum up demand. At 99 cents, it may still be able to capture a market for its initial introduction into the smartphone market. But it may be an uphill struggle to compete with the big boys, especially now that they are coming up with new models. People may just end up trying to get this new phone for its interesting price point. Who wouldn’t for a 99-cent phone with 0 down on an $18.75 per month for two years?  It is just like Amazon is giving away its phones for next to nothing. Now that is a good deal, regardless whether the phone is that good, or not.

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