Amazon Echo, It’s More Than Just A Speaker

Amazon EchoOur lives today have become quite convenient and easy, thanks to technology. With the ongoing development of the smart home, people can easily have better and more convenient automated controls all over the home. We now have Nest for intelligent home temperature control. There are also light dimmers that allow users to turn lights on or off via their mobile phones. Another device called the Amazon Echo may be joining the ranks of building that ultimate smart home.

At first glance, the Amazon Echo looks just like a portable speaker. But it functions more than just a typical speaker. It is actually an intelligent device that can accept voice commands, thanks to the numerous far field voice recognition microphones built into the device. Users can use voice commands to adjust the volume, play or stop music, set alarms and even answer your general questions for you. The Amazon Echo comes with WiFi connectivity that allows the device to stay connected online all the time. You can always call on “Alexa” to ask questions and control Amazon Echo.

Since the device is always connected online and to the Amazon Cloud via WiFi, the Amazon Echo can gradually evolve the more people use it. The device can eventually learn about your voice patterns, vocabulary as well as your personal preferences. It becomes a device to play music, set alarms, make up lists and even get answers to questions. Users can do all these by just making voice commands. The speaker system itself is not drab by any standards. It comes with a 2.5-inch woofer for deep bass sounds and a 2-inch tweeter for crisper high notes. A reflexive port allows bass sounds to get even deeper without any distortion.

The Amazon Echo may be an interesting device to have at home. And with the Amazon Echo companion app for compatible devices, users are given the convenience to control the device even when they are not at home. There may even be more exciting things in store for a new device such as the Amazon Echo. It is currently available at Amazon for Prime members and by invitation only. Prime members get to try it out for just $99. Non-members may have to wait when the devices comes out to the general public. But it will then cost around $199.

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