Amazon Dash: Scanner that keeps your cupboards full

Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash

Amazon has introduced a new way to buy groceries without having to step into your local supermarket.
The online retailer unveils the Amazon Dash, a wand-like gadget that collects the groceries you want to buy by scanning them and they get delivered on the same day.

The Dash sports a WiFi-capable LED scanner that captures the barcode of any item you need in your cupboard. It can also take notes of the products you want to buy through voice recognition using the device’s built-in microphone.

As ridiculous as it may sound, using the Amazon Dash makes sense. Not every home has a convenient access to fresh produce, which would have required them to drive for miles just to reach the nearest grocery. The device can also accept orders for non-food items like guitar strings or paper towels.

The Amazon Dash is available for free, but only by invitation for now. Meanwhile, the AmazonFresh delivery service is currently only available in parts of California and Washington State.

Source: Engadget

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