Amazon Cautions Kindle iOS App Users from Upgrading

Amazon tells users of its Kindle app for iOS not to upgrade their e-book reading app to version 3.6.1, which hit the App Store yesterday. That version, according to reports, may erase the user’s book library completely. It is puzzling why this bug managed to pass through Amazon’s QA team, but apparently it was a deliberate move from Amazon.

The e-book giant claims that the update causes the app to “deregister,” which removes all items on your iPhone or iPad. However, all your downloaded books and Kindle Singles remain in the cloud and can be “re-downloaded” once you have re-registered the device with Amazon.

“We have submitted an update to fix for this issue and are working with Apple to release,” Amazon said in its official statement.

The App Store has since been featuring the version 3.6.2 of the Kindle app, which featured improvements that include “Fix for Registration Issue.” That new update would, hopefully, not wipe off your books.

Source: TUAW, via Engadget

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