Amazon Announces New Echo Dot Speakers

Amazon Smart speaker

Amazon Smart speakerOnline retail giant Amazon has started venturing into product creation instead of just relying into its more popular online selling business model. It has started increasing its line of products to sell to its customers instead of just relying on mostly third-party manufacturers to fill up their shelves of things to sell online. It has since developed e-book readers, tablets, digital TV consoles , and even cloud software services as part of their product line-up. The company has even started developing a portable speaker that can be controlled by a user’s voice. And just recently, Amazon has unveiled a new, improved and more affordable model of its Echo Dot speakers.

The Smart Wireless Speaker

The new Echo Dot speaker was recently announced to the public, just a few months after Amazon launched the first Echo Dot speaker. The new Echo Dot still comes with voice controlled assistance in Alexa that functions in the cloud rather than as a built-in feature. That, in itself, makes it an interesting speaker that also makes it smarter. The Echo Dot speaker is not only a means to provide you with audio as you listen to your favorite tunes. With Alexa, you can use the Echo Dot to take your commands, read news to you, control other connected smart devices, and even answer your questions. It also gives Amazon’s partner developers different options to develop other features for it in the future.

And while these features are available in the previous and current Echo Dot speakers, the newer version comes with an added option to connect it to other larger speakers. The new speaker also comes with an improved speech processor for improved speech recognition. It also introduced a new feature in the Echo Spatial Perception that allows multiple Echo Dots to address commands by the speaker that is closest to the user. And with all these new features, the new Amazon Echo Dot version is cheaper at just $50. The new smart speaker is expected to be available by next month.

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