Rumor: Amazon 3D smartphone in the works?

Artist's rendition of Amazon 3D smartphone

Artist's rendition of Amazon 3D smartphone

It has been over a year ago when we last heard about rumors of Amazon developing its own smartphone. Amazon did not comment about it, concentrating on its Kindle Fire tablets instead. However, word on the street is that the online retailing giant could be making not just one, but two smartphones, one of which would be equipped with 3D technology.

Allegations of an Amazon 3D smartphone began when an anonymous poster wrote about it on the Hacker News forum. While the post, which was entitled “Insider’s details about the Amazon Phone”, contains details that have yet to be confirmed, TechCrunch seems to agree with some of the details after inquiring the article to its “sources”.

The 3D smartphone has a codename: Smith. However, instead of being a full-on 3D phone like LG Optimus 3D, Smith’s 3D powers will only affect the user interface. Still, it allegedly has the ability to navigate through the UI with its four corner-mounted cameras, allowing you to access menus and alternative controls by head and eye movements. Its front cameras would also ignore faces on the edge of the screen, like from strangers looking over your shoulder, while the rear camera may have object identification technology to scan an item and search for it in Amazon’s own store.

But with five or six cameras, would the Amazon 3D smartphone come with a hefty price tag? This is probably the reason why the company is developing a second, cheaper phone for those who don’t mind the lack of 3D in their phones. The entry-level smartphone is codenamed “Project B” and could use a scaled-down version of Fire operating system, Amazon’s tweaked Android software that has been present in Kindle Fire tablets.

The “insider” also revealed that Amazon planned on releasing these two smartphones earlier, but suffered delays from staff members leaving the company, engineers being reassigned to other projects, and extending the testing period of hardware and software. It is still not clear when either of the two Amazon smartphones will be introduced.

Source: Digital Trends

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