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Always Innovating’s MeCam Micro Quadcopter

Flying machines no longer seem to surprise most people. But what will still make them quite fascinating is how small some people can make them to be and still be a capable flying machine to travel around. Always Innovating has come up with a Micro Quadcopter along these lines with its MeCam prototype.

The MeCam Micro Quadcopter is designed to be small, enough to fit into the palm of one’s hands. But it is designed with a number of sensors that not only lets it fly but also work to avoid running into walls or into people while flying. It is also designed to be voice controlled. Users can command it to go “Up” or “Down”, or dimply just tell it to follow the user around. There’s no need to have a manual remote control.

The MeCam Micro Quadcopter will also have the ability to carry a camera sensor along that can stream what it sees through a smartphone or have it go straight online. The MeCam from Always Innovating features an ARM Cortex A9 processor, 1GB RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth. The micro quadcopter currently is available as a prototype. The maker is hoping to license the design and offer it to interested companies in manufacturing the product. If all goes well, the MeCam may be available for consumers by early 2014 and can go as cheap as US$49.

Image Source: Always Innovating

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