Aluminum Sound Tube MP3 Speaker

Nothing beats a unique device in terms of capturing attention. Even if it is a commonly used device, it may have that certain appeal if it has unique features. Such is true with this Aluminum Sound Tube MP3 Speaker.

This unique Aluminum sound Tube MP3 may be unlike any portable speaker you may have seen. It is designed like a metal tube, quite a departure from any conventional speaker design. But it is this feature that allows it to provide a higher quality sound output. It can provide sound quality comparable to that of a full size speaker despite its small size.

Not only that, aside from a speaker, the Aluminum Sound Tube also features its own MP3 player and rechargeable battery so you can still use it without connecting it to any other player device. It offers continuous 6 to 12 hour playback time and has a Micro SD slot that can support up to 8GB worth of storage space. The Aluminum Sound Tube is available at ThinkGeek for US$40.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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