Alpine iXA-W404 Touchscreen Digital Media Receiver

Alpine iXA-W404 Touch-Screen Digital Media Receiver

People have been using portable audio devices more than ever, particularly the iPod and sometimes even the iPhone. We can go anywhere while listening to our favorite music. However, iPod-totting car drivers may have this urge to blare their sounds on their car stereos, so how are supposed to do it? Electronics company Alpine says the solution is simple: by connecting your iPod to the first touch-screen digital media receiver, the iXA-W404.

Promoted as "Made for iPod," the iXA-W404 is designed to the deliver a fully integrated iPod experience in your car. In fact, this digital media receiver does not even have a CD mechanism and instead features a dedicated USB input for optimal connection. The iXA-W404 can also play your favorite videos, movies, and TV shows stored in your iPod or iPhone.

The iXA-W404 gives you two options in navigating and accessing your iPod music: through the double-encoder knob and a 4.3-inch QVGA color ultra-responsive touch-screen monitor. Using the interface is pretty much familiar among those who have used their iPod or iPhone for a long time.

This device can also provide more features by purchasing added accessories, such as an Alpine HD Radio Module to save songs you like from HD radio stations to your iPod. The next time you connect your iPod to iTunes, you would be able to preview your selections and download them directly from iTunes. You can also have your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone connected by adding a KCE-400BT adapter for hands-free phone conversations without the hassles of uncomfortable earpieces.

The problem, however, stems from the iXA-W404’s screen seems too small for touch-screen browsing, especially if you are flicking through albums as you drive. The interface, meanwhile, only lets you browse through albums instead of tracks within a particular album that the iPod or iPhone can. Nevertheless, this digital media receiver provides unlimited possibilities for your car listening pleasure.

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