Alpine IVA D310 DVD Receiver

Alpine IVA D310

The Alpine IVA D310 DVD Receiver provides some quality in-car entertainment. It also provides the means to provide all the entertainment needs in a car. Its different features provide a variety of entertainment choices.

The Alpine IVA D310 is also a multimedia station that provides a means to control other features of the entire system. It is made possible through a 7-inch touch screen display that comes out of the unit whenever it is being used. It can also be fully retracted safely when unused. It can be used as a means to control any component that is hooked up to the Touch Control System of the unit. In itself, the Alpine IVA D310 can play DVD as well as MP3 and WMA files. It is also capable of connecting with your second generation iPod player and can be hooked up with SAT radio on its on-screen interface. The Alpine IVA D310 is available at Amazon for US$999.

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