Alleged iOS 8 screenshots leaked

iOS 8 leaked

iOS 8 leaked

Images of what claimed to be the iOS 8 became viral. The screenshots, originating from the Chinese microblog site Weibo, showed what could be in store for Apple’s upcoming, yet-to-be-announced mobile operating system.

If the details showed in the photos were the real deal, it is apparent that nothing much has changed since iOS 7. The icons remains squared with rounded corners, for one. The changes, however, lies on some new features in its app store: TextEdit, Preview, and Tips.

The TextEdit app could be Apple’s way of replacing the Notes application, while Preview appears to provide users the ability to view documents and PDF files. The usage of the Tips app, however, remains sketchy, but it may have to do with giving an introduction of sorts for new users.

Again, the iOS 8 has yet to be announced officially, but at least this set of leaks gives an idea of what’s in store for the next iPhone refresh. Other rumored features revolve around the user’s health, such as an application called Healthbook, as well as some type of integration with the M7 processor that is already present in the iPhone 5S.,

Source: Engadget

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