Align Detachable Magnetic Stapler

Staplers are still considered as important office tools. While most offices are now going paperless, it cannot be helped that some documents may need to be provided in paper. And with a bunch of them, staplers are still quite relevant. And the new Align Detachable Magnetic Stapler aims to give this tool an essential makeover of sorts.

The Align Magnetic Stapler may look like your standard office stapler except for one thing- it comes with a detachable base. This simple addition to the ordinary staplers makes a lot of sense. The reach of staplers is usually limited by its length. This can sometimes make them useless since they cannot staple in between sheets of paper such as posters or cardboard.

But with a detachable base held by a powerful magnet, the Align can be used to staple sheets of paper just about anywhere that ordinary staplers can’t. It is as easy as putting the upper portion of the Align stapler on top and the magnetic base at the bottom of the sheets of paper to be stapled. Powerful magnets align the two pieces to allow the staple to function.

The Align Magnetic Stapler can be re attached anytime so that it can also be used like any other ordinary stapler. It is such a simple and yet quite useful enhancement to a very important office tool. But for now it remains an ongoing project at Quirky. If it gathers enough demand or interest from the consumers and visitors at Quirky, it will just be a matter of time before it can get into the nearest office.

Image Source: Quirky

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