Alienware Set to Launch Low Cost AMD-Based Gaming PC


Alienware is planning to come up with an low-cost gaming PC into the market equipped with dual ATI graphics chips. This story comes after Dell, which acquired Alienware in 2006, plans to drop four models of its own XPS performance PC’s which also target the gaming PC market. Although Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell, it still maintains its own brand apart from its mother company’s own line of PC’s.

The low cost but high performance gaming rig from Alienware will feature a 4 GB DDR2 memory running at 800 MHz, a quad-core 2.2 GHz Phenom X4 processor and two ATI HD 3870 graphics chips on a 3870 X2 board. This gaming PC will also feature an high-end Asus motherboard based on the 790FX chip set. This gaming PC system will be priced at $1,699, a cheap alternative by serious gaming PC standards and considering that most systems available configured with a quad core processor and dual graphics chips are priced well over $2,000.

Price wise, this low cost gaming system would appeal to some gamers look for a powerful rig at a lower price range. But when it comes to the quality and level of performance, the best combination still has to be handed to Intel-Nvidia systems. The latter is still considered as the top of the class when it comes to gaming performance and quality. But then again, the recession in the economy might just make the low cost AMD-based gaming system more appealing.




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