Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop

Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop

Alienware has long been known for their line of gaming PC’s and notebooks. It is no wonder that new models that come out are being eagerly awaited by avid gamers and serious computer geeks alike. It is also nothing different with the newly released Alienware M17x gaming notebook.

The new Alienware M17x gaming laptop is something of a wonder both inside and out. Its cool and unique design makes it quite something in itself. The design gives out that impression that whoever owns one is pretty serious about his gaming gear. Sleek lines and intense colors make the Alienware M17x really something to look at.

But what most avid gamers are more serous about is what this gaming laptop may offer them in terms of hardware and features. It’s the graphic and the video capabilities that usually come to mind. The Alienware M17x comes with a dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPU’s powered by an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300 processor.

Along with 8 GB worth of RAM and a 1TB RAID 0 array, the M17x gaming laptop also features the Binary GFX Technology Alienware is known for that allows users to switch between discrete and integrated graphics. A Stealth Mode allows the discrete graphic cards to turn off and other components to simmer down to achieve a 65 watt power limit. Other features make the Alienware M17x quite some gaming gear worthy checking out. But you might need to fork up around US$1,800 to have it.

Image source: Alienware

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