Aliens vs. Predator Video Game Banned in Australia

Aliens vs Predator video game

Thousands of Aussies gamers give out a collective groan as the upcoming sci-fi video game "Aliens vs Predator" has been banned for release in Australia in compliance to its classification laws, citing high-impact violence as its point of concern.

Some of the unacceptable scenes include close-up shots of human characters experiencing "explicit decapitation and dismemberment" as well as "stabbing through the chest, throat, mouth or eyes."  The report published by Australia’s Classifications Board stated that players can combine explicit moves like decapitation or eye-gouging.

Meanwhile, the game’s developers refuse to give in to the pressure and opt not to release a "sanitized" version, accusing the government of not considering adults as "able to make their own entertainment choices."

Unlike many developed countries, Australia does not have an adult rating for video games.  Any title exceeding the MA15+ rating is considered banned, a move that aims to protect children from violent games.

In contrast, previous titles under the Alien vs Predator franchise were released in Australia as either M or MA15+, even those that have similar violent actions.  Other games that have been banned in Australia were edited for local release, such as Left 4 Dead 2, which reviewers described as "the worst censorship result in Australia’s history" because of its hasty editing.

Sega, the publisher of Aliens vs Predator, is said to weighing in on options, including the possibility of an appeal.

Image source:  Sega

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