Alex E-Book Reader Taunts, "Books Cannot Tweet"

Alex E-book Reader

Back in October, we introduced to you an up and coming e-book reader with two screens.  Today, Spring Design has announced that the Alex E-Book Reader will be available on February 2010, proudly declaring it as a better alternative to book that are not only heavy, but also “cannot Tweet.”

The Alex features a standard six-inch electronic ink display on the upper part, similar to Amazon Kindle, and a 3.5-inch Android-powered, colored touchscreen display at the bottom.  These two screens can work in sync by accessing a web page you have loaded over at the colored display then transfer it to the e-ink screen above for better reading.

Unlike popular ebook readers, the Alex enables users to browse the entire Web, watch videos, and even listen to music.

Content can be downloaded through Google Book and Borders.  It also features WiFi and 2GB of expandable storage (when plugged with a microSD card). 

The Alex E-Book Reader is priced at US$400, with a 3G-enabled version in the works.

Image source:  Spring Design

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