Alex Android-Based Dual-Screen E-Reader

Alex Ebook Reader from Spring Design

If you find single-screen ebook readers boring, then why not buy a reader with dual screens instead?  California-based Spring Design comes up with Alex, a two-screen e-book reader based on Google Android featuring full browser capabilities.  Not only you get to read text, but you could also open multimedia links for a whole new reading experience.

The dual-screen design works by bringing together the reading efficiency of a monochrome electronic paper display screen and a secondary color LCD screen that features dynamic hyperlinked multimedia information as well as third party input.  The Alex can be supported by WiFi, 3G, EVDO, and GSM connections, making it a handy reference library that you can bring anywhere you go.  This e-reader also includes earphones, speakers, and a removable SD card.

The Alex e-reader is set to become available for selected partners by the end of the year.

Image source:  Spring Design

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