AlessiLux Portable Luminaires

When it comes to saving energy around the home, lighting may be one that offers many options today. With the emergence of LED lighting, it is now possible for people to somehow bring down their home energy costs further. One of the more elegant options of doing this is by using the AlessiLux Portable Luminaires.

The AlessiLux Portable Luminaires are not just LED bulbs that provide energy saving benefits. They are also designed to help make your home look elegant. It is a mix of style and function that you may be looking for if ever you need to create a stylish home while trying to save electricity costs along the way.

The AlessiLux Portable Luminaires come in different styles and designs to choose from. There are table lamps as well as handy carry on lamps to choose from. But each one is capable of providing up to 250 lumens of light while consuming on 4W of power. It is designed to replace a 25W incandescent bulb in terms of light intensity. It is battery powered for added portability, making it handy for use outdoors or while camping as well as indoors. The AlessiLux Portable Luminaires is a collaboration between Foreverlamp and Alessi Design Studios. You can check it out at the Foreverlamp site where it is priced at 130 Euros each or around US$174.

Image Source: Foreverlamp

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